About us

Limited Liability Partnership Capital Import Group – is registered enterprise meeting all requirements of the legislation, spreading on Company activities. Company was founded in 2009. Company carries out the activity open and transparent, observing practice of business relations. The company is 100% Kazakh ownership.

Mission: Maximum customer satisfaction and successful development and utilization of advanced and complex labor and logistics solutions. Improvement of Material Management by implementation of up-to-date techniques of work processes for the purpose of reaching the main targets of the customers.

Main objectives of our Company:

  • Promote successful business of clients by meeting their demands
  • Ensure systematic interaction with clients and assist them in strategic development of their businesses
  • Building a successful business: being a stable market-leader by interacting with key clients and strategic partners

By our experience, material management is the process, which covers all the steps, starting from support of procurement activities, expediting, receiving, storing, issuing and tracing material to final installation / utilization. All these activities are strongly interconnecting.

Good, clear and detailed description of the material for purchase orders makes the following processes easier, quick and productive:

  • Expediting activities: readiness and inspections’ coordination;
  • Logistics activities: cargo consolidation, transport, etc;
  • Import customs formalities;
  • Receiving, article checking and issuing to construction;
  • Correct management of the data: Construction purpose, QA/QC – Certificates, Customs traceability;

According to this concept, our company was structured to provide the following services:

  • Material expediting;
  • Logistic & Transport;
  • Custom clearance;
  • Warehousing;
  • Material management;
  • Document management;
  • Reconciliation and custom commissioning management (Materail received, installed, surplus and disposal);

The company is certified for the following items:

  • ISO 9001 - KZ.2710318.07.03.06493
  • ISO 14001 – KZ. 2710318.07.03.06494
  • OHSAS 18001 – KZ.2710318.07.03.06495

All these activities are covered under our own Procedures.

Our clients


Bateman Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Company B.V.

  • Kashagan – Power Plant & Utilities Projects;
  • Material Management Services – SoW;
  • 170 000 line items cleared;

Agip Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating Company N.V.

  • Kashagan – Power Plant & Utilities Projects;
  • Material Management Services – SoW;
  • 70 000 line items cleared;

Kellogg Brown & Root International Inc. (KBR)

  • Kuryk, Mangistau Oblast – Kashagan Offshore;
  • Material Management Services – SoW;
  • 80 000 line items cleared;